Everybody’s favourite boy toy is in the YA Crush Tourney

Indeed he is!

He’s so hot he can breathe underwater if he wants to!

Noah Shaw, everybody’s favourite Londoner, is the hot, mysterious crush in The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. Today, he is going against some guy, Augustus Waters, in the YA Crush Tourney over at ya-sisterhood.blogspot.com and he needs your help… not that Noah ever needs help, of course. He just needs you to vote for him and his insanely caring, sexy, arrogant self because he doesn’t have time to charm all the possible voters himself. He has more important things to do, like look after Mara and his dogs, Mabel and Ruby — they all get in a tizz when he’s not there to break up the fights.

I will love you forever if you vote for Noah. Noah might love you forever too, if you’re lucky.

(And, yes, there is a direct correlation between my name and favourite ever book and crush ever.)

Oh, and — lucky you guys — around 5pm EST, Noah’s advocate, Sara the Page Sage, will be holding a giveaway of Noah bookmarks! All you’ll need to do is vote for Noah (of course) and answer a trivia question correctly with the hashtag #VoteNoahShaw. Exciting, no?


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