YA Crush Tourney, Round Two: You Know Who You’re Going To Vote For

I am posting on what should be an off day with some important news: today is the day that Noah Shaw needs your help again.

Noah Shaw is the man.

For those of you who didn’t see my post for the first round of the Tourney, here’s a little bit about Noah:

  • He’s from the Mara Dyer trilogy
  • He was born in London and moved to America at the age of sixteen (I could possibly be wrong about this one)
  • He is unbelievably hot
  • He even looks good smoking
  • He loves Mara even when he believes he can’t
  • He’s a book-worm
  • He’s a music buff
  • He can make even kids’ picture-books sexy
  • He cares about animals

If those aren’t enough reasons to vote for the best boy currently in the YA universe, I don’t know what I can do for you and your senselessness.


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