YA Crush Tourney, Round Three: You Know Who You’re Gonna Vote For

Yes, it’s that time again, already. It is time to vote for the gorgeous Noah in the YA Crush Tourney.

But, Mara, I hear you whine, he’s up against Daemon from the Lux novels. I can’t vote against Daemon; he’s hot, and he has a similar name to Damon from TVD. I can’t vote for Noah!

Dude. Seriously? Look at this face:

Look at that face

By Anabelle from Mara Dyer Phillipines

Hot. Don’t tell me he isn’t, because it is a FACT. Noah Shaw is fit — so fit he could have any girl at his school (and… has had a lot of them, but that’s just part of his hot, bad boy image, am I right?). Instead of going out and finding himself some girl, though, he chooses Mara Dyer. He chooses to love a beautiful, messed-up girl. He chooses to wait for her to be ready.

Come on, girls. I don’t like to stereotype but we all know we want a guy who won’t push us, and will stay with us even though we’ve got issues or we want him to wait. Noah is da bomb (I’m sorry; I’ll never say that ever again if you promise to vote) when it comes to boyfriends. And (get your fans ready) he’s a little bit broken too. Sigh.

While I don’t like negative campaigning (especially against one of my almost-favourite crushes), it has to be said: Daemon isn’t as thoughtful as Noah. He was constantly pushing ‘his Kitten’ to admit that she fancied him, which, while true, is not cool guys.

Both these guys like to mess about, make jokes and use a large amount of innuendo. If that’s the kind of thing you like in a crush, and you think that Daemon’s just a little bit better at it, I have one quote that I am sure will change your mind and make you realise that Noah Shaw is the man you want to vote for. Are you ready to fangirl-squeal?

“I would suggest make-up sex, but…”

“Too bad you have scruples,”I said.

“Now you’re just being cruel.”

“I like pushing your buttons.”

“You’d enjoy it more if you undid them first.”

If you didn’t just faint, there is something wrong with you. Noah Shaw is the most crush-worthy crush in this competition. Not only does he have a hot body, a brilliant smile, a good sense of style (ooh, that rhymes), and a dead-sexy sense of humour, he can pull off the bad-boy vibe while still being good.

You know, when he wants to be.

Vote Noah at: ya-sisterhood.blogspot.com


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