Away With the Fairies

It’s possible you remember my two previous posts about my novel, Lantern’s Fall (Perspectives), and what a shitty time I was having trying to rewrite it.

Well, my friends, I have worked out my main problem with that: pressure. I felt the need to re-write 75K of novel by September, and fit a first draft of 50K (through the power of CampNaNoWriMo) in between. And all of this during the summer hols, the time I’m supposed to be taking a break from school and work. It turns out that that was a stupid idea.

So I made a plan yesterday. And a very good plan I think it is too. I shall continue to try and re-write Lantern’s Fall, but I shan’t have a deadline for it. Instead, I will enter a different manuscript into NaNoCritMo, one that (I’m hoping) is slightly more ready than LF.

Would you like to know more about this MS?


This MS is the third I ever wrote, and is also part of my Perspectives collection of novels.

I’ve not told you about the thoughts behind Perspectives, have I? Well, darn. More ‘splaining to do. It is basically a collection of novels all set in the same world. Each one has a different narrator, and has an overall theme of ‘the disparities in each person’s opinion of self and opinions of others’, hence Perspectives.

This novel is the first in the Saving Grace Series, which focuses on the fairy revolution. It is titled Wings and a Prayer and is a lot shorter (currently) than LF at just under 40K. It is also a slightly different genre; both are YA but while LF is SF/F, Wings and a Prayer is a (gay) paranormal romance. The narrator, Sasha, is a seventeen-year-old Unseelie Fey. Here is its working blurb:

Sasha never thought he would fear for his life. But when he’s caught dealing on an infamous Unseelie Fey’s patch, he finds himself wondering if he’ll be able to get out alive.

He’s right to wonder. With every step closer to Rath, Sash finds himself walking an even more dangerous line, and he’s dragging his best friend Grace along with him. The Unseelie House is getting closer to them with every second, but it’s not drugs they want and they’re not even the ones Sash is worrying about; it’s his own mind that he cannot trust.

It’s a little shaky, mainly because I wrote it just now, but if anyone has any comments, feel free to share them.


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