TCWT Blog Chain: Fernsby Family Therapy

The topic for this month’s blog chain is

“Take any character from one of your books and put them in a therapy session. Write a (short!) scene about what happens. (You can include multiple characters and make it a group therapy session.)”

Now, the problem with my slightly haphazard way of writing serieses is that I can’t really do anything without spoiler-fying it. However, I am going to be extra-special careful about giving out any Saving Grace Series spoilers.

You know, except this one: Tam, Annie, Rath and Tom are actually family. Thankfully, the entire series is still in the works, so none of you know who these people are and will forget what I have written before they come out. Besides which, though it only comes out in Book 5, it isn’t at all important to the plot. Hurray!


So here you go, the Fernsby family in therapy:

“And what do you think of that, Annie?”

My sister rolled her eyes, the way she always did when our mother was the topic of conversation. “I think it’s total… she basically left Rath to die on the streets! How could anyone do that to their son? She isn’t my mum and she isn’t Rath’s. We disowned her a long time ago.”

“So she left you to die on the streets and you did the same to her in retaliation?” Tom asked me, eyebrows raised sardonically, legs crossed over each other in lazy confidence. How he became the mediator, I didn’t know — he was Tam’s cousin, why would he not be on her side? How could he be called ‘unbiased’?

“She was never my mother, Tom. I didn’t disown her so much as not acknowledge her claim.” I shrugged, wondering if I could get the calm-and-collected Tauma Fernsby to crack. “Besides, we both know that out of all of us, you’re the one most likely to leave her to die — how’s the business going for you, by the way?”

I shot a look at my sister. She was shaking her green hair out of her eyes. She leant forward, poised to jump into the fray. “And how’s Mummy’s business going? How’s the senseless murdering going, mother? Good?”

We all turned to look at Tam. Her eyes were expressionless, for once. Maybe it was because Annie was in the room, or maybe because Tom was there. “It isn’t senseless. It’s contracted. These people have it comin’ to ’em, Annie,” she said, her words slurring a little at the end as she drops into a Yorkshire accent. She only does that when she’s mad.

“Let’s not get onto that topic,” Tom hastened to add. “We’re talking about your relationships, not your jobs.”

“But that’s why she abandoned us, isn’t it? Because she was out fighting the crime you and her had been payed to fight?” Annie asked in the same dry way that Tom had questioned me.

“It wasn’t the place for a child. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you two,” Tam said. I tried not to sneer. Annie had no such qualms.

“Sure, sure. So that’s why you let poor Rath get auctioned off to the highest infertile bidders, yeah?” My sister’s voice was bitter; I’d clearly taught her to hate our mother well.

“His father left me. He would have been worse off with me than with them. They loved yuh, di’n’t they?”

I let them stare at me for a moment. “Better than you ever have,” I replied, looking at my shoelaces. I should probably tie them.


I shook my head. “This was about getting us all back together. But the fact is, me and Annie are happy as we are, alone. Right, An?” I asked her, my heart stopping for a second as I asked the question. I couldn’t let our mother get in the way.

“Happy with you and your moaning, weird House friends, and strange taste in music? I wouldn’t say happy,” she said with a smirk, “But I have to agree that I don’t see much point in all this.”

Tom shook his head. “We have to do this, remember? It was part of the conditions.”

Annie and I looked at each other before asking together, “What conditions?”


And that was the Fernsby family’s therapy session (although Tam and Tom are technically the only Fernsbys). I don’t know quite what went on there, and I’m sure the rest of the world is even more confused, but there you go!


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