The Killers: Write for Lyrics

Write for Lyrics is going to be a new thing I will do every two weeks or somesuch, I haven’t decided yet. These posts will be anything from flashfiction to a poem to an essay, but they will all be based on the lyrics of one song. I will give you the artist; feel free to guess the track, and answer in the comments. First correct answer gets Relatively Curious Points, which you can trade in for virtual cakes.

All it took was one kiss. One kiss to begin it all.

She was beautiful as she danced her way through that club. She was a whirlwind. She swept me up as she went past, and I haven’t been able to forget her.

Not since she kissed me.

It was like a revivng breath, but it made me forever hers.

I followed her from the club, after that kiss. She didn’t seem to mind. She seemed to understand what I had to do. She saw the tether that bound me.

The night after, that tether, that inexplicable rope of destiny, took me back to the club. She was there, and she was beautiful, and she acknowledged me with a smile, and that was all I needed in that moment.

But the day after, and the day after, and the day after? I needed more.

She didn’t want to give me anything. She’d forgotten about me by the next week — I wasn’t even a one-night-stand, so why wouldn’t she? I started fighting the urge to go to the club, knowing she’d be there but wouldn’t care about me.

But every night I stayed away, I was haunted. I could imagine the way she looked in the moonlight; the way her skin tasted; who was tasting it. Waves of jealousy poured over me as I imagined them together: the man who was stronger and more sophisticated than me, and the woman who I couldn’t stop thinking about.

She would shed her clothes for him. But not for me.

I still can’t forget her.

Not even with the restraining order, the therapy, the lies.

I will never forget her.


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