Meet the Family

I’m sorry for not posting the other day, but I was ill. I’m still a bit off it, so I’m going to keep it short and tell you about a new tab I just added to the top of that nav bar thing: Meet the Family.

That page up there is a list of my favourite creatures from all the Perspectives novels currently being worked on by me. A large proportion of them are the narrator at some point in the story, so go ahead and meet them all! They’ve each given me a paragraph about them that they think says the most about them — or the least, whatevere they preferred or wanted to do at the time. Some of them are enigmas, even to me, and some of them just didn’t have their hearts in the exercise. Either way, they’ve given tiny bits of their hearts to you to inspect, so have fun and see what you can glean from them. If you’re lucky, closer to publication (a time that I don’t actually expect to ever happen ever, they’re such a stubborn lot), you might even get an interview with one of them (probably Lantern, since she’s my very favourite). Enjoy, and I shall add characters as I go along and get a better feel for them.


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