This Is War

You might remember that I’ve been participating in CampNaNoWriMo this month. Well, I’ve discovered (thanks to another blogger) this thing called a ‘word war’.

It sounds like a ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ kind of thing to me, but actually, for those of you who are as ignorant as me, it’s a competition where you go up against other writers, trying to get as many words down in your WiP in a set amount of time as possible.

However, if you’re as shy and awkward as me, you can word war against yourself. Just set up a timer and you’re good to go. While being competitive might give you the edge, setting up time where you have to write as fast as you can with no distractions is helpful no matter how you do it.

I imagine that some people will feel the same way as I do; they like to take their time, stare out the window, check out Tumblr. Rushing writing can’t be a good thing, right?

But you have to reconcile yourself with a simple fact: this is the first draft. It won’t kill you if it’s shit. It’ll kill your pride, sure, but your first draft was always going to be a shit, ego-killing debacle. The first draft is an adventure — and, as us introverts know, adventures are messy. Always. They’re fun, but there is a decidedly large amount of cleaning up to do. And it’s the same in your first draft.

So to hell with perfect and taking your time. Let it all go and participate in a word war. The quicker you get that first draft finished, the quicker you can get out the mop and bucket.


PS: I might miss a couple of posts in the next week because of CampNaNWriMo and the 8K or so of words I have to write for it by Wednesday. I apologise in advance.


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