I Am Calling With Good (For Some) News

Today’s post is going to be a short one because it is basically just an announcement. An announcement like the ones the Whovians and Sherlockians have been getting lately, because I honestly don’t actually have that much idea what I am doing yet, but here goes:

Currently, I am writing a novel. I am hoping that the first draft will be done by the end of this week, and I was thinking earlier that I needed a new project to work on when it’s done.

As you may have noticed, I have Sherlock and Doctor Who on the brain.

So my new project is going to be (drumroll, please)…

A Sherlock fan fiction! Exciting!

It will be my first ever fan fiction, and — because that’s where fan fiction goes to die, hide, or possible even maybe be liked by someone — I’m going to put it on Tumblr and post the link here.

However, just like those of us waiting for a certain third series, you’re not allowed to know what’s going to happen or when it will happen, because even I don’t know that. You don’t even get to know if there’ll be moustaches or shipping involved.

But I might post about how difficult it is to write a genius, because I imagine it is extremely difficult (and honestly I’m short on posting inspiration). So… lucky you.

I hope I can actually write something worth reading. Write something at all, even.


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