Update on Everything

I’ll keep it short because I need to finish my novel (it just won’t bloody die) and I’ve barely written any of it today. Basically, I wrote a quick first draft of my first ever Sherlock fanfic ever last night! Exciting, no?

It needs a good bit of polishing — and I need to do some proper research and check that I’ve got what happens in the scene it is based on right — but it shouldn’t be too long before it is in the world! Hurray!

And because it is sort-of-nearly ready, you can have a bit more info on it: it’s short, it’s set during the first episode of the first series, and there are no moustaches involved. Hurray!

PS: I’m really sorry for missing Tuesday’s post. I’ve been trying to shove my way through The Novel That Just Won’t Bloody Die and I simply didn’t have even one idea for a post.


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