We Aren’t All Time Lords

It’s an unfortunate fact, but it’s one that we all have to live with: we aren’t Time Lords, my friends, and since Time Nobility isn’t like vampirism or lupism, chances are we never shall be. And so we need to manage our time.

Which sucks. Who wants to manage their time, really? In an ideal world, we would have so much of it that the idea of needing to do certain things at certain times (oh shit I should be practising my bass guitar right now) would be a mystery.

But alas and alack, we don’t have an infinite amount of time in our days. We have stuff to do. And sometimes, more than sometimes, things (like bass practice, dammit) need to be put off to another time.

Lately, as you might have noticed, I’ve found that this happens with the blog. But even worse than that, I’ve found it happening with my writing, too.

Which is not good, folks. Not good at all, because writing is the one thing I want to do forever, no matter what… so why aren’t I getting around to doing it?

Today’s post isn’t about telling you what to do, since I don’t know how to do it myself. Today’s post is about kicking ourselves up the backsides. Ladies and gentlemen, go out there and do what you want to do. Maybe you aren’t a writer and you don’t put yourself off from doing that — maybe you’re an artist who never paints what they want to paint. Maybe you’re a badass football player who just never has the guts to ask to play forward. We all have that one thing that we never have the time or the energy or the brains or the guts or the heart or the experience to do. Today, I say this:

Do it anyway.



Good afternoon/morning/evening/this is the void; the void does not accept time.  I’m sorry I’ve been away for so many weeks — it’s not personal. I’ve just been busy with school. But here, have a wonderfully joyous poem. Hopefully the blog will get a little less abandoned over the next few weeks.

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