You may remember a post I did quite a while ago about mavericks. Or you may not. Either way, today I would like to speak to you about anti-mavericks, also known as the maverick’s long-suffering sidekick.

Mavericks are clever, annoying, dangerous loners. The problem with clever, annoying, dangerous loners is that… well, they’re clever, annoying, dangerous and lonesome. If they don’t have someone looking after them then they annoy too many people and end up dead or they just don’t have any friends, and as we know, even mavericks can’t live their lives as islands.

And so they need someone to look out for them and make sure they don’t act too stupid. Someone with their feet firmly placed on the ground and the occasional sarcastic eyebrow-lift, who can be the embodiment of the fangirling audience and the ounce of credibility that the show needs.

I named a lot of mavericks in my previous post… so who are their anti-mavericks?

In both the BBC’s Sherlock and the US’ Elementary, John/Joan is the anti-maverick. John feeds Sherlock, shuts him down when he’s too rude, and is a reflection of Sherlock’s lack of sociopathy. Joan shows that Sherlock has feelings, keeps him off the drugs, and pulls him back when he becomes as dark and dangerous as his nemesis.

Dr Daniel Pearce from the wonderful Perception also has his anti-maverick: Max Lerwickey. Max does everything for Daniel, and he likes to remind him that all the FBI cases are going to become too much. Arguably, Kate could also be an anti-maverick as she is a giant nay-sayer. However, she has just as much power and control over the investigations as Daniel, and so I would say that she isn’t sidekick-like enough.

House has a lot of people looking out for him, but personally I would say that Wilson is his anti-maverick sidekick. Wilson always looks down on House’s crazy schemes, tries to make him more of a balanced person, and is as exasperated as any normal person would be with the crazy doctor.

Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, because he isn’t your classic maverick, and I shouldn’t really have put him in the last post. Sorry.

And finally, the Doctor’s ant-maverick is, of course, his companions, who spend most of the time with him telling him to slow down. The Doctor’s companions also protect him and better him. Martha, for example, made such a difference to him that Donna was actually able to notice it.

And so, in short, if you want to keep your maverick alive (which you of course might not want to), you should find them an anti-maverick.


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