Mi Character Es Su Character

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is TONIGHT, and so I thought I’d contemplate the idea of Steven Moffat writing Ten and, generally, people writing characters that weren’t originally their own.

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Do Villains Really Have to Be So Villainous?

I’ve talked to you about mavericks. I’ve talked to you about the down-to-earth sidekicks. Now it’s time to talk about those villainous villains and their villain-ness.

It’s probably not clear, but I’m being sarcastic. Today, I want to talk to you about antagonists… and how villainous they shouldn’t be.

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Write For Lyrics: Panic at the Disco

I’ve had lots of ideas for writing-related posts lately, but I keep forgetting them, so have a Write For Lyrics. Write For Lyrics is a post I do where I write based on a song. I give you the band, you try and guess the track. I give you cookies.

I tap my fingers,

I tap my toes,

But Lord knows,

I ain’t breezing past this.

You’re all I can think about,

My lips are dry,

You always lie,

But I ain’t breezing past this.

One more cig,

One more kiss,

I’m going to miss

It one day, but I ain’t breezing past this now.

Just one more time.

I take a drag,

But not of a fag,

Because I’m not breezing past this.

I’m not breezing past you,

The only way to free me

Is to kill me,

Because I’m addicted to you.

You’re like a cancer of my bones,

And I’m addicted to you.

I’ll never let you go.

Comparisons of Death

We’ve all done it. We’ve read a wonderful, brilliant book and wondered. Wondered how the author comes up with such beautiful prose; shaken our heads at the plot twist that we never could’ve imagined.

But isn’t that bad for us? Shouldn’t we be reading shit books and telling ourselves how great we are? Is that not what all the writing blogs tell us.

Contrary to what the title of this blog post is, no.

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