TCWT Blog Chain: Writing Idols

No, this is not two days late. Not at all. (Sorry.)

This month’s prompt is:

“If you could co-write a book with one author–living or not–who would it be and what would the book be about?”

tcwt-3Well, there’s actually quite a long list of writers that I would like to work with. My current top four, however, are: Michelle Hodkin (author of the Mara Dyer novels); Sarah Fine (author of the Guards of the Shadowlands series); Mary Shelley (you know, the one that wrote Frankenstein); and Mark Gatiss (because Sherlock). And, because I’m already two days late, I thought I might as well cheat even further by explaining all of them.

First of all, Michelle Hodkin. If you haven’t read anything by her — well, go to your nearest place with books and correct your mistake. The Mara Dyer trilogy is amazingly sinister and, somehow, even when you know what’s going on, you still don’t truly know what’s going on. Which probably makes more sense if you’ve read the books. As for what the book would be about… well, I would basically just like her to write my WiP for me, because if I had the energy, time, and strength to research and then massively edit it, chances are I still wouldn’t make it as amazingly complicated as she could, and it needs to be complicated — all novels with murders in them do. But I digress, as usual. Rather than attempting to explain the plot, which currently refuses to be twisty, I shall give you the blurb:

It’s been two months since Harry’s dad died. His mother has moved on, and so should he. But with his father’s ghost ordering him to vengeance for a murder made to look natural, and his search for the truth foiled at every turn, Harry’s sanity is called into question — and he begins to wonder if he’s going the same way as his father…

Second of all, Sarah Fine. Again, if you haven’t read anything by her then shame on you. Somehow, she’s able to take what could be a relatively normal YA plot and rip the cliche-feeling away and make you care ridiculously deeply for the characters. Therefore, I would like to collaborate with her on an idea that I’ve kind of been writing idly recently, which I also have a blurb for, hurrah:

Marki only feels at home when she’s in the woods behind her house. But when the area is cordoned off due to an escaped animal, Marki fails to fight the urge to escape to her special place, and finds something a lot more dangerous than a big cat lurking in the trees.

Third of all, Mary Shelley. I picked her simply because I love Frankenstein, and I would collaborate with her on absolutely anything she felt like writing.

And finally, Mark Gatiss. If you haven’t watched Sherlock… well. I promise I won’t use any spoilers here. In simple terms, I would like to collaborate on an episode of Sherlock with Mark Gatiss. Preferably one that involved both Sherlock and Moriarty and lots of kissing between afore said characters.

And on that wonderful note, here are the other participants, who I imagine have been a lot more disciplined than me with this:

5th –

6th –

7th –

8th –

9th –

10th – [Andrea. No link for her yet.]

11th –

12th –

13th –

14th –

15th –

16th –

17th –

18th – (We’ll be announcing the topic for next month’s chain.)


5 thoughts on “TCWT Blog Chain: Writing Idols

  1. well, I was going to say something nice, but since you called me mortal….hehe, joking (not really). and I KNOW, I’m always so jealous of authors who are able to write such complex plots.

    and a mad woman! wow, I’ve always wanted to meet one because same.


    • Thanks! 🙂 I have to say, even though crime/detective stories aren’t usually my thing, I would absolutely jump at the chance to work on Sherlock. 🙂 Thanks for commenting 🙂


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