Agender Tony Stark

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Agender Tony who doesn’t understand why they can’t wear dresses.

(Of course, as soon as their father tells them no, they love wearing them all the more).

Agender Tony who carefully crafts an image of themself as a playboy to keep the media’s noses out of their business, only to cringe every time they see a report on themself.

Tony, who creates a suit that they think looks ungendered, only for people to start calling them Iron Man.

They come out to Pepper, who immediately promises to help them come out to the media.

Tony dismisses the idea of allowing the media to know anything real about them – after all, they have a whole marketing campaign around the Iron Man suit, and ‘Iron Person’ isn’t half as catchy.

Pepper quietly adds a few nonbinary organisations to Stark Industry’s charity list.

Once they decide to retire the Iron Man suits for good, Tony also decides to retire their media persona.

Pepper does as she promised and helps them come out, and it goes well (Pepper casually mentions the whole Extremis thing to a few people who want to cause a fuss).

Tony’s really nervous about coming out to the other avengers, but they quickly realise that that’s not going to be a problem (they try to convince the rest of the team to call themselves the avgenders or avengders, but they have no luck).


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