Agender Vision

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Agender Vision, who (maybe thanks to how much she learned from Tony) didn’t really realise that gender was actually a thing until she overheard Tony coming out to Pepper.

Agender Vision, who finds herself very apathetic towards the human concept of gender.

Vision realised early on that, while she didn’t care about gender, she felt gender euphoria when being referred to by she/her/hers pronouns.

Vision always being surprised when people outside the Avengers team call her a man.

Agender Vision running algorithms to try and work out how gender-based sexual orientations could be plausible for nonbinary people (she fails to work it out).

Vision helping Pepper set up a charity that helps questioning people.

Agender Vision learning that she rather enjoys finding new and ever more sarcastic ways to reply to gender-related questions.


Compulsory Sexuality

Originally posted on Tumblr but reposted here for archiving. Please note that my views have changed since this was written (I no longer call myself sex-positive).

If you’re following this blog, there’s a high chance that you either know first-hand or second-hand about why this social norm is so problematic, but I’ve been reading blog posts about it and decided that I want to rant about my own experiences with this and also with sex-positivity, so you get to know even more about how awful it is.

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Agender Nat Romanov

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Agender Nat, who was glad to move to America because in America they don’t change their last names due to what gender they’re assigned.

Nat, who has played so many different characters, been so many different things to so many different people, that there’s no core ‘self’ left to draw a gender from.

Nat, who copied ‘woman’ as perfectly as dance moves.

Agender Nat, who still can’t get out of the habit of playing roles, even though it stings to be read as a woman.

Nat, who wishes the avengers’ outfits weren’t all so tight-fitting.

Nat, who no longer answers to ‘Black Widow’ and only lets Clint use ‘Tasha’. No one calls Nat ‘Natasha’ anymore. Everyone knows the consequences of such an action.

Agender Nat, who finally feels grounded when the rest of the team is respectful of Nat’s gender.

Nat, who finds a ‘self’ mixed in between binders, dance, and a bunch of superheroes. (Nat vows to never leave the door to the dance studio unlocked again.)

Why I Identify with a Fictional Angel

Originally posted on Tumblr but posted here for archiving. Please note that my views and experiences may have changed since this post was written.

Okay so by the time this is posted, my post about the cons of ace!Cas should have been posted. I’m terrible at technology so it might not have, so I’ll give a short intro.

I stumbled upon a piece of fan fiction with a Supernatural character called Castiel in it. That’s not overly surprising – he’s a main character after all. What was surprising for me, however, was the fact that he was asexual, and that it was the best fanfic I’d ever read.I was rather surprised that I engaged with the story so well. It was well-written, but I read a lot of things that are well-written and they never make me as happy as I was when I read this fic. So what was it?

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Agender Thor

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Agender Thor, who is surprised when Tony comes out that non-binary genders are so unknown on earth.

Agender Thor, who always joked with Loki that they were a matching set (with Thor having no gender and Loki moving between every gender possible).

As Loki was always better at glamours, Thor often asked hir to make him appear to be someone else, and always someone with a completely different gender presentation. He found this to be a good way to escape the pressures of the kingdom and explore different presentations.

Thor, who was told by his father that he must be a Prince if he was to be King, and that meant never telling anyone of his gender. He didn’t understand how his father could be so close-minded, but the man only ever cited ‘tradition’ when Thor asked.

He shows the other Avengers all the resources that his people have for trans people, never telling them that this is something he is not allowed to have.

Agender Thor, who finds acceptance from the Avengers and learns that people who value ‘tradition’ over his true self don’t deserve either.

Aversion, Repulsion, Indifference and ‘It’s Complicated’

Originally posted on Tumblr but reposted here for archiving. Please note that my views and experiences may have changed since this was written.

[cw: discussions of sex]

I’ve seen (and reblogged, in case you get interested) loads of stuff about aversion/repulsion and all that sort of thing, so I thought I’d put my two pennies in the pot. Which is an idiom no one heard ever.

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Genderless Clint

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Genderless Clint, who never really understood what the difference between boys and girls was – surely they were all just people?

Clint, who was pushed into archery as a kid because ze kept wanting to do ‘girly things’ and then was upset when ze enjoyed it because surely that meant that ze was wrong as ze was just a boy.

Ze told Laura ze was genderless straight away, and she helped zir look for gender-neutral boyfriend/girlfriend terms (ze ended up going for ‘partner’ because it didn’t place zir relationship with Laura above zir relationship with Nat). Later, she helped zir find a gender-neutral term for Dad (this time, ze decided to just stick with ‘dad’, because parent and other terms seemed too impersonal).

Genderless Clint, who teaches zir kids that ze will accept them no matter what.

Clint, who then finds zirself being called ‘dad’ by the rest of the Avengers – not because ze accepts them no matter what, they tell zir, but because ze’s always nagging them.

Asexuality in Fan-Fiction

Originally posted on Tumblr and reposted here for archiving. Please note that my views may have changed since I wrote these posts. (Irrelevant but interesting side note: as you’re reading this I am arriving at university!)

I’m in a very talkative mood tonight (probably because of all the articles I just read) but I might queue this because I’m sure you’ll all get bored of me.

Lately, I’ve been really interested in fan-fiction. More importantly, I’ve been interested in fics that have an ace character. Maybe it’s because I can only think of sex in the abstract (which I’ll probably make another post about), but my favourite ship (CecilxCarlos from Welcome to Night Vale) is one that I can only think of in an asexual sense. Because of this, I found myself looking in the asexual tag on AO3.

And there I found something I never knew I wanted: ace!Cas.

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