Genderless Clint

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Genderless Clint, who never really understood what the difference between boys and girls was – surely they were all just people?

Clint, who was pushed into archery as a kid because ze kept wanting to do ‘girly things’ and then was upset when ze enjoyed it because surely that meant that ze was wrong as ze was just a boy.

Ze told Laura ze was genderless straight away, and she helped zir look for gender-neutral boyfriend/girlfriend terms (ze ended up going for ‘partner’ because it didn’t place zir relationship with Laura above zir relationship with Nat). Later, she helped zir find a gender-neutral term for Dad (this time, ze decided to just stick with ‘dad’, because parent and other terms seemed too impersonal).

Genderless Clint, who teaches zir kids that ze will accept them no matter what.

Clint, who then finds zirself being called ‘dad’ by the rest of the Avengers – not because ze accepts them no matter what, they tell zir, but because ze’s always nagging them.


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