Agender Thor

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Agender Thor, who is surprised when Tony comes out that non-binary genders are so unknown on earth.

Agender Thor, who always joked with Loki that they were a matching set (with Thor having no gender and Loki moving between every gender possible).

As Loki was always better at glamours, Thor often asked hir to make him appear to be someone else, and always someone with a completely different gender presentation. He found this to be a good way to escape the pressures of the kingdom and explore different presentations.

Thor, who was told by his father that he must be a Prince if he was to be King, and that meant never telling anyone of his gender. He didn’t understand how his father could be so close-minded, but the man only ever cited ‘tradition’ when Thor asked.

He shows the other Avengers all the resources that his people have for trans people, never telling them that this is something he is not allowed to have.

Agender Thor, who finds acceptance from the Avengers and learns that people who value ‘tradition’ over his true self don’t deserve either.


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