Agender Nat Romanov

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Agender Nat, who was glad to move to America because in America they don’t change their last names due to what gender they’re assigned.

Nat, who has played so many different characters, been so many different things to so many different people, that there’s no core ‘self’ left to draw a gender from.

Nat, who copied ‘woman’ as perfectly as dance moves.

Agender Nat, who still can’t get out of the habit of playing roles, even though it stings to be read as a woman.

Nat, who wishes the avengers’ outfits weren’t all so tight-fitting.

Nat, who no longer answers to ‘Black Widow’ and only lets Clint use ‘Tasha’. No one calls Nat ‘Natasha’ anymore. Everyone knows the consequences of such an action.

Agender Nat, who finally feels grounded when the rest of the team is respectful of Nat’s gender.

Nat, who finds a ‘self’ mixed in between binders, dance, and a bunch of superheroes. (Nat vows to never leave the door to the dance studio unlocked again.)


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