Agender Vision

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Agender Vision, who (maybe thanks to how much she learned from Tony) didn’t really realise that gender was actually a thing until she overheard Tony coming out to Pepper.

Agender Vision, who finds herself very apathetic towards the human concept of gender.

Vision realised early on that, while she didn’t care about gender, she felt gender euphoria when being referred to by she/her/hers pronouns.

Vision always being surprised when people outside the Avengers team call her a man.

Agender Vision running algorithms to try and work out how gender-based sexual orientations could be plausible for nonbinary people (she fails to work it out).

Vision helping Pepper set up a charity that helps questioning people.

Agender Vision learning that she rather enjoys finding new and ever more sarcastic ways to reply to gender-related questions.


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