Bigender Bruce

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Bigender Bruce, who used to shift between agender and male.

Bruce, who found out after they first turned into the Hulk that they no longer felt male. They didn’t know whether to still call themselves bigender or not because there was still a part of them that was male – it was just a more separate entity now.

Bigender Bruce, who eventually decided that they had to keep that link between them and the Hulk to stop him from feeling isolated and to stop them from forgetting that the Hulk was still part of them and was still their fault.

Bruce, who cringes every time they call the Hulk ‘the other guy’, because that implies that they’re a guy. They can’t find a different term that will keep both them and him satisfied, so they stick to the old one. They resent that one turn of phrase almost as much as they resent his destructive tendencies after a while.

They often wonder if the radiation changed them that much, or if the split between their two identities was inevitable. It makes them question whether they were ever really bigender at all, and they spend hours looking for research on gender identities and systems. They never find anything that satisfies them until Tony explains how Jarvis had been shattered by Ultron but could still be brought together as one thing, and they feel a lot more comfortable in their identity.


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