Genderflux Steve

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Genderflux Steve, whose understanding of his own gender changes by the day.

Steve, who always figured his disorientation around gender was linked to his illnesses because the slide from no gender to being a guy felt like the start of an asthma attack. He was surprised when the serum had no effect on it.

He started feeling dysphoric after the serum because he’d never really seen his body as a man’s until they started referring to him as the ‘perfect soldier’.

Genderflux Steve, who enjoyed wearing the old uniform because he could see it as a chance to be America’s biggest, manliest hero or as being emasculating because of the tights.

When he wakes up in the 21st century, he feels like he’s being seen more like a man than ever and it makes him feel like he needs to play a part; by the time of the Winter Soldier, he’s used to ignoring the dysphoria and strange… lack that he often feels.

Genderflux Steve, who sees Bucky and remembers how often he’d tried to articulate the strange sliding / asthma feeling, and how often he’d been jealous of Bucky’s ease in being a man.

He mentions his feelings, hesitantly, to Sam, who quickly redirects him to the internet.

The next day, Captain America publicly endorses a number of trans organisations in the middle of a completely unrelated interview.


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