Demigirl Wanda

Originally posted on Tumblr.

Demigirl Wanda, who never really felt connected to other girls or the concept of ‘womanhood’.

They always loved wearing dresses, but at the same time there was always something that didn’t quite feel… there.

Whilst training to be an Avenger, Wanda became close with Clint, who taught them about different gender identities.

For a while, they thought they were a girl, then they thought maybe they were agender, but after a while they came to the conclusion that they were a mix of the two.

Demigirl Wanda, who wears their superhero name like a badge of honour – “Men were witches too, you know, so why can’t I be?”

After a while they start vetting the press and any ex-SHIELD operatives working for Tony to check that they aren’t transphobic (or ex-Hydra).

Demigirl Wanda, who just wishes Pietro was there to see them finally learn who they are.


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