Originally posted on Tumblr.

Quoigender Bucky who thinks ey might’ve had a gender before Hydra, but doesn’t understand the concept now.

Bucky, who sometimes gets glimpses of gender and thinks maybe ey understands it – and then it washes away and ey’s back to not understanding.

Ey tries dressing differently, looking different, talking differently, referring to emself with any gendered language ey can find to see what fits, but ey still can’t work out eir gender.

Quoigender Bucky, who goes to Steve, frustrated and confused, and Steve tells em that it’s okay to be confused – that ey doesn’t need all the answers for any of what Hydra did to em, but especially not for this.

Ey disagrees until ey finds out about terms like agender and quoigender and nonbinary and reads other people’s stories and sees that ey’s not alone.

Quoigender Bucky, who changes eir presentation at the drop of a hat, but gets a real kick from wearing a mixture of the Winter Soldier’s gear and a skirt when testifying in front of Congress.

Quoigender Bucky, who still gets frustrated at eir confusion over gender sometimes, but knows that, sometimes, no answer is an answer in itself.


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