30-Day Genderqueer Challenge: Day 1

I am doing the genderqueer challenge again! I’m relatively sure that I did it before, but alas I can’t find it on either of my blogs. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to find the original and this one, compare them, and laugh at how much I’ve changed.

Day 1: Do you use any other terms to define or explain your gender?

I actually don’t really use genderqueer at all — I don’t know many people (or rather, know of) many people that do, so I guess I’m just in the wrong circles for it?

So, you might ask, why are you doing a challenge for an identity which you don’t have? Well, mainly because I’ve never seen a ‘nonbinary challenge’, and I know that a lot of people use gq and nb interchangeably, so I figure it will be interesting to look at even so (and I really need something to get me blogging again!).

But back to the question, the main term I use nowadays is nonbinary. I’ve been through a lot of terms, but nonbinary is the one that just keeps sticking there, so it’s the one I use – it’s also the one that’s most useful, since it’s accurate enough to signal what I want to signal to most people, well-known enough that there’s a reasonably large group of people I share the term with (I like having a big community) and also well-known enough that I don’t (online at least) have to explain what it is. This comes up later in the challenge, so I won’t go into it in too much detail, but I do sometimes identify as trans. Sometimes I don’t. It’s weird.

The final term that I use, which I use pretty much entirely for my own benefit and don’t really mention, is quoigender. Which, long story short, is me saying that I really don’t have a clue what my gender is and I have (for the moment) given up trying to work it out. My understanding of my gender changes a lot, but I don’t know if that’s because I come at it from different angles a lot (expression! pronouns! how I act when I’m misgendered! how I feel if I think about it really hard!) or because my gender is actually changing. Who knows? I certainly don’t! All I know is that my gender feels… apart from the binary somehow (I always envision my gender as in a cluster of stars that is not in between these two big stars that are the binary genders) but alas I don’t have the words to articulate it better than I have, and so (because our words aid our understanding as well as the other way round) I don’t know what my gender is and I don’t believe I ever will. Hence quoigender!


7 thoughts on “30-Day Genderqueer Challenge: Day 1

    • There’s a link to it in the first sentence of the post, but basically it is a challenge where each day you answer one of thirty questions about being genderqueer. Hope that helps 🙂

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        • Oh okay, well the blog that I linked to for the challenge describes genderqueer as ‘a term used to describe those whose gender is non-normative (“queer”) or who “queer” gender through presentation or other means (queer in the latter case is being used as a verb).’ In another post, they write a longer description of genderqueer which makes more sense to me as it describes people whose gender is not wholly male nor female, and people who feel that their gender, or the way that they express their gender, is in some way queer.

          So, for example, I fall under the category of genderqueer as I identify as nonbinary, which means that I’m not a man or a woman but something different.

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