GQ Challenge: Day 4

The Genderqueer Challenge is here.

[CN: very brief mention of sexual assault]

4. Name some queer heroes, influences, or crushes.

My first thought when I saw this was Tyler Ford. They’re a hero to me because they’re so open and strong with that openness which is just so great and inspiring, and they’re also a style influence for me because they look so cute literally all the time?! They’re also really good at that kind of upsetting-gender-roles thing from the last question, but they manage to do it in skirts, which is honestly my life goal. They are so great, and I really hope that one day I can be as brave them and also look as cute as them!

There’s a lot of other people who have tumblrs or wordpress blogs that are heroes to me, and a good few who are also influences, but talking about them would involve naming… a big chunk of the asexual community that I follow so it’d be  difficult (and also unfair to name just a few, because I’d always forget someone who had a big influence (plus, I’ve realised, some might not want to be called queer so I’ll avoid naming names for the sake of not digging through old posts looking for their views on it)). Some of them are heroes or influences because of the way they’ve talked about asexuality and their personal experiences with asexuality, and those people I cannot thank enough because I’ve learnt so much about asexuality, sexuality in general, social justice, activism, and also sometimes even social sciences and statistics, from them, and it really helped me to get to the place I am today. Some of them are my heroes for the way they’ve talked about sexual assault, because it’s helped me with processing and with understanding other people’s trauma better as well as my own which is amazing. Some of them have helped me in those ways, but also there’s quite a lot of nb and/or gq people in the ace community whose writings have helped me understand my own gender, which is obviously so awesome. However, I will probably get into that in more depth for a future question.

Another person who may possibly count but is fictional and also not canonically queer is Bucky Barnes. Bucky is basically the way I’ve processed everything in my life for the past year or so, and that soon turned to helping me with gender stuff. I’ve read everything in the ‘nonbinary bucky’ and ‘genderqueer bucky’ tags on AO3 that I’ve been able to, although my attempts to write such a fic always end badly — most likely because I feel to close to Bucky to write something without it being very much about me. Any gender feels I have, I tend to headcanon onto Bucky, as well as adding headcanons more relevant to Bucky’s experiences, and it does help quite a bit, so Bucky should definitely count as a hero and influence for me.


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