GQ Challenge: Day 8

The Genderqueer Challenge is here.

[CN: talk about sexualisation of LGBT and/or queer people; brief conversation about the use of ‘hypersexual’ in survivor communities to explain why I avoid it here]

8. An unpopular or unsure opinion about the GSM community.

I don’t really see GSM or GSRM used too much anymore, so I guess I’ll go for unpopular opinions about the LGBT and/or queer communities. One of those, I guess, is probably that most LGBT and/or queer spaces are over-sexualised*. I understand that a lot of LGBT and/or queer people like having spaces like that because people have historically and still do discriminate against them for their sexuality and how they have sex and who with, and they definitely have a right to spaces where they can be free of that discrimination and just enjoy their own sexuality, but when pretty much the only spaces you have are sexualised (and involve alcohol, as many LGBT and/or queer spaces do, ie gay bars), you’re not creating space for kids, for aces, for people with alcohol, drug or sex addictions, or survivors. Which really sucks. And I know that when you lay it out this way, most people in those communities will agree with you to at least some extent, but I’ve found that they often jump at over-sexualisation and ignore anyone’s explanation of what they mean.

* There’s probably a better way to word this, but I am not sure what it is; mainly I’m just trying to avoid ‘hypersexual’, as I’ve used that for similar conversations in the past and then later realised that hypersexual is used in a completely different way in survivor communities and that saying it like it’s a bad thing is furthering stigma towards people who are hypersexual due to trauma or other mental illness which isn’t cool.


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