GQ Challenge: Day 10

The Genderqueer Challenge is here.

10. Are you taking any steps to physically transition?

I’m afraid this post is going to be a bit boring because the simple answer is: no, I am not. I talked about it earlier but I actually feel pretty okay with my body. It’d be nice to not have a womb/ovaries, but that’s almost entirely due to painful periods and the uselessness of those particular parts rather than any dysphoria or urge to transition. Unfortunately, I learnt long ago that putting my hormones out of whack gives me killer migraines, so I daren’t look into having my womb or ovaries taken out. Also, whilst I hadn’t actually thought of it, that would also deter me from taking testosterone. I occasionally feel the urge to take T as looking more masculine physically might allow me to reach my goal of ‘less likely to be misgendered/more likely to confuse people gender-wise’ whilst I’d still be able to wear the clothes I like (in theory; I recognise that in practice that might not be safe to do). However, you unfortunately can’t pick and choose what effects you get with T, and I think a lot of them are ones that I wouldn’t really like to have (and I think a lot of the ones I would like are the ones that stop if you stop taking T, and I think I would probably want to stop taking it at some point, if only because I’m already on one expensive medication as it is).


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