GQ Challenge: Day 11

The Genderqueer Challenge is here.

11. Your first experience with a GSM organisation or event.

Okay so again I’m switching out GSM for LGBT and/or queer. My first experience outside of the internet was with Leeds Pride, which was nearly exactly a year ago! It was a really fun experience — I wore an ace flag like a cape which a few people complimented me on (plus getting the flag was awesome because I’d wanted one for ages!), I kissed a friend for a scavenger hunt (GISHWHES, to be specific) item, saw other people doing scavenger hunt items such as hugging for 20 minutes, and felt a real sense of happiness and community that I don’t think I’ve topped since then. I’m writing this on 5th August (maybe it’s cheating to pre-schedule all the days, but I would most definitely forget about this otherwise), and pride is on 7th August, so hopefully I will be able to update you with whether this year’s pride matched up before this posts.


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