GQ Challenge: Day 20

The Genderqueer Challenge can be found here.

20. Have you faced any problems problems or gone through any changes regarding religion?

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be the most interesting day of this challenge because the answer is no. I was raised Catholic, but if you’ve ever met anyone Catholic you probably know that they rarely follow the Magisterium to the letter anyway, so when I was my young LGBT-ally self, I figured it didn’t really matter that the church was so anti-LGBT because it was anti- a lot of things; I thought of myself as more of what my RE textbook classed as a ‘liberal Christian’, but that was it. Even if I didn’t have those views, or if I wanted to take a harder line when I realised I wasn’t just an ally, by that point I was well into being agnostic, so my religion and who I am have never come into conflict.


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