GQ Challenge: Day 21

The Genderqueer Challenge can be found here.

21. How has your relationship with yourself been affected since you realised you were genderqueer?

This is a tough one — not only have I never sat down to think about this, there’s just been so much else going on in my life that it’s hard to say a) when my gender has been related and when it hasn’t and b) what my relationship with myself actually is right now.

Honestly, I keep going over this question in my head, but in the nearly two years since I started questioning my gender, my life and my relationship with myself has changed so much that my brain stalls at even thinking about it.

The only thing I can really say is that I’m probably a bit more comfortable with myself just because I know more about who I am. I don’t think that was how I felt at first — I definitely felt like a special snowflake, and like life really ought to stop ruining itself for me (being queer one time over was bad, but three? that was just overkill), but nowadays I guess I’m mainly just happy to know who I am, even if it comes with sucky side effects.


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