GQ Challenge: Day 28

The Genderqueer Challenge is here.

28. Who are some people in your life, on or offline, who make your life better? Your relationship doesn’t have to be related to queerness.

I think the short answer to this is just my friends. I have quite a few different little pockets of people (so for example, there’s my college friends who I can laugh about university with and hopefully get along with well enough to live with from mid September(!!!), then there’s my school friends who I talk fandoms with, ace friends who I talk ace stuff with, lefty friends who I do lefty things with, writing friends who I write and philosophise and joke with, and so on), which I’m really lucky with because it means that no matter what I need or what I want to do, I can always find a friend or friends who can help me out. I honestly can’t say how much I love and respect all my friends — they’re all such amazing people, and somehow, despite being such diverse groups of people, they all manage to have the same or a similar sense of humour to me, which is great.

However, the person that makes my life better more than any of my awesome friends is my boyfriend. (This is going to get soppy by the way). Despite having known pretty much nothing about asexuality, aromanticism or nonbinary genders when we met, he has still managed to be one of the most understanding, accepting, and lovely people ever. He always supports me, not just in words but with small actions that mean the world to me (queer-related examples are when he did his own research on asexuality to understand me better without me asking him to, and saying he’d help me do some NB awareness stuff at college if that was something I wanted to do).

Non-queer related (but maybe slightly queer-adjacent?) is that he makes my life better by making my mental health better. He often knows what to do to help me even when I don’t, which is good because one of the main problems I have is that I don’t know what would help. I honestly have never met anyone as kind and selfless and understanding as he is.

Also, he’s good at cuddles. That makes my life a lot better.

Oh, and, just as an addendum because I missed somebody: my grandma makes my life better. While she might not be great on trans issues (thankfully it hasn’t really come up as of yet), she is the kindest member of my family and also really funny. Often the thing that’s funny is at her own expense, but she’s happy to laugh about it all the same and I really admire that about her.


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