Genderqueer Challenge: Round-Up

I just realised that having the numbers as the titles for all my GQC posts is not very conducive to being able to actually go back and find topics so I can elaborate on them or just look back at stuff. So I’m doing a little round-up pretty much entirely for my own benefit.

  1. Do you use other terms to define or explain your gender?
    In this post, I admit that I don’t actually use ‘genderqueer’ and explain my use of the terms nonbinary and quoigender.
  2. How did you grow up with your gender?
    With a caveat about how bad my memory is, I describe my gender stuff up to the age of 17.
  3. What’s your favourite ways of upsetting gender roles/genderbending/genderfucking?
    Mainly my answer is ‘I don’t’ but more long-winded.
  4. Name some queer heroes, influences, or crushes.
    Does what it says on the tin.
  5. Dysphoria and how you manage it.
    I explain how I currently deal with social dysphoria.
  6. When did you realise you were genderqueer?
    A follow-on from question 2 about how I started questioning my gender and where it’s led me to up to this point.
  7. What are your favourite physical features of yourself?
    Does what it says on the tin (I don’t really have any, that was possibly the shortest post I ever wrote).
  8. An unpopular or unsure opinion about the GSM community.
    I talk about over-sexualised queer communities.
  9. What have you done or plan to do to socially transition?
    A quick rundown of who and how I’ve come out to, with very few concrete plans to do anything else.
  10. Are you taking any steps to physically transition?
    Basically, no.
  11. Your first experience with a GSM organisation or event.
    I talk about Leeds Pride.
  12. Discuss your relationship with the term transgender.
    It’s weirdly similar to my relationship with religion. Make of that what you will.
  13. How has your family taken it or might take it?
    I was wrong earlier, this is the shortest blog post ever. They’d probably be alright with it.
  14. Are you part of the GSM community?
    I’m in lots of different communities.
  15. How do you deal with gendered things?
    I hate forms, don’t really care about bathrooms, like men’s shirts and dislike some NB ‘inclusive’ feminist spaces.
  16. Name some media you connect with queerly.
    All of it? But mainly fandom.
  17. How do you, or would you, deal with being misgendered?
    I’m awkward and anxious so I don’t and it sucks.
  18. How does your gender factor into your future plans?
    I talk about career paths, activism (which I am now slightly doing!) and marriage.
  19. What terms in the community are problematic?
    I rant about my favourite thing to rant about, gender-based attraction and its enforcement of cissexism/exorsexism.
  20. Have you faced any problems or gone through any changes regarding religion?
    Basically, no.
  21. How has your relationship with yourself been affected since you realised you were genderqueer?
    Too much stuff has happened in the last few years for me to know.
  22. What are your sexual and romantic orientations? Are they affected by your gender?
    I talk about how I used to think maybe my gender was affected by my asexuality.
  23. Do you feel comfortable answering questions about your gender to people?
    I talk about all the different ways I talk about (or avoid talking about) gender with people.
  24. How has your relationship with the cisgender people in your life changed?
    Another short post — basically, they haven’t.
  25. Your first queer crush or relationship.
    I talk about my maths teacher, an ex, and my boyfriend.
  26. Discuss how your clothes do or don’t reflect your gender.
    Ramblings about how they sort of do but also sort of don’t, with a side of ‘what clothes do I even wear anyway’.
  27. Write a poem about being genderqueer.
    I manage to write seemingly the least gender-related poem ever.
  28. Who are some people in your life who make it better?
    I have really great friends, a cute boyfriend and a hilarious grandma.
  29. Some positive genderqueer experiences.
    My very existence is apparently positive and whimsical.
  30. What does genderqueer mean to you?
    I side-step and talk about being nonbinary and what it means.

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