My name is Mara (I also use Elijah, although for the purposes of WordPress my url, gravatar etc are all ‘Mara’, so please use Mara if linking to me just to make things less confusing) and this is my WordPress blog! I also have Twitter (if you’re interested in the mundaneities of my life), a Tumblr blog of the same name as this blog (where most posts here will probably be cross-posted to), and a personal Tumblr blog.

I’m asexual, greyromantic, and nonbinary, and I will mainly be writing about those identities. However, as you can see from my older (cringier) posts, this was originally a blog about reading and writing, and so you might still see a few posts about that pop up here and there.

My pronouns are ey/em/eir/emself.


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