Blog Overhaul

It’s been a very long time since I’ve used this blog, partially because I’ve been a busy bunny and partially because I’ve had a serious case of (general) writer’s block for about six months, and then a less severe case of not-wanting-to-write-about-writing writer’s block for… goodness knows how long.  I am hoping that I’m through with both of those, so I’m bringing this blog back!

However, it’s going to be a little different from before (and not just because most of my posts were for the TCWT blog chain, and TCWT has alas been lost to the sands of time). The majority of posts will most likely be related to asexuality, aromanticism, and/or being non binary. The first few posts are just going to be old things from my Tumblr blog about those topics. I am hoping, though, to keep a bit of the writer-y stuff, so there’ll probably be the odd post of poetry or about how I still can’t write endings.

Hopefully, this blog will go back to being a great place for me to write and chat to people and think about things that I never otherwise would — and hopefully it will be useful to other people too!